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A nice demo from ALERT

ALERT is an EU funded project to provide tools to improve bug tracking (and general community monitoring) in free software communities. KDE is involved as a partner and Dario and myself are subcontracted to the project to provide input on the requirements of large free software organisations such as KDE. The project is now well […]

ALERT Project 3rd newsletter available

The ALERT Project, an EU funded collaborative project in which KDE is taking part as a partner has released its latest newsletter. Take a look to check up on all the latest project news. If you’re wondering what ALERT is all about and how KDE is involved, check my previous posts on this topic.

SOFI Newsletter Available

At the danger of turning this into a dedicated ALERT blog, there’s some more news from the EU funded research project in which KDE is a participant. ALERT is featured (page 14) in the SOFI newsletter, but there is also a lot of news on other software related projects that are ongoing. If you’re interested […]

ALERT, Home and KDE e.V.

This is going to be one of those weeks where a lot of my time is spent on trains and planes… For the first half of this week, I was in Brussels for the first Annual Review of the ALERT project, in which the project partners – including KDE in the shape of yours truly […]

What’s going on in ALERT?

The ALERT Project is a partly EU funded technology project that aims to improve the ways in whch free software communities track bugs in software, identify trends and issues and find the right person to fix a problem. KDE e.V. is a project partner and will be an end user, providing feedback and advice on […]