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Rediscovering Wine

At work, I sometimes have to edit MS Word documents (other members of the team use Word). Normally LibreOffice does the job pretty well, but I have come across occasional issues with tracked changes and big tables/graphs when the document is reopened in Word (mostly when using Microsoft’s OOXML formats). As a result, when working […]

This Google+ Thing

I seem to be spending most of my time joining social networks nowadays, first Diaspora, now Google+. I’m a little underwhelmed with both. As I explained in my blog post on Diaspora, I like some of its concepts. But I’ve used it very little since joining. Part of that is due to the network effect […]

Discounted Desktop Summit Accommodation is Closing

Just in case you intend to go to the Desktop Summit and have not yet made arrangements, please note that the special accommodation deals arranged by the Desktop Summit team begin to expire from tomorrow – so if you delay your booking you may end up having to pay more. If you’d like to come, […]

Introducing the Promo Sprint Logo

The KDE Promo Sprint now has it’s own logo, courtesy of the SERPENT Project (which Southampton University is involved in through the National Oceanography Centre). So, here it is – the rather cute piglet squid: Otherwise, we’re enjoying the Southampton sunshine, have settled on our agenda and are getting stuck into work on KDE’s Join […]

My Life on Facebook

This is not KDE related, so maybe you want to skip it… Facebook has had a download feature for a while and I decided to have a play with it (not that I’ve put valuable stuff on Facebook without also having it elsewhere, but really just to get a snapshot of what I had uploaded). […]