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The Difference Between Apple and Linux

Mike has ditched Linux for Mac OS X. His blog post and most of the comments are quite measured, which is nice. A lot of Mike’s criticisms are probably quite valid too. However, he is comparing quite different things – a complete solution purchased from Apple with an unsupported and free software install on Apple […]

KDE Science: New Forum, Mailing List and News

Following up on a talk, subsequent discussion, a Dot article and a couple of blog posts, the nascent/resurrected KDE Science group is happy to announce the availability of a new area in the KDE forums dedicated to discussion of KDE software in science and similar fields. Actually, that was set up a while ago (thanks […]

WebKDE Roundup (Who Is KDE Part 4)

Continuing Jos’s exploration of cool KDE blogs, here are a few more places you can find some nice reviews of KDE software. Over in Iran the blog of Saeid Zebardast, you will find a variety of free software related articles and occasional tips relating to KDE software. In India, Swaroop CH is a long time […]

Bad Behavior

I’ve been getting a lot of spam recently (Akismet has blocked a lot, but manually removing what gets through is getting tedious) along with a whole load of junk traffic in the logs. I’m also not a fan of CAPTCHAs or requiring logins, so I’ve decided to give Bad Behavior a try. A potential downside […]


Flattr is intriguing – will it work? I mean will it continue to grow, will people renew their subscriptions and ‘normal’ people join (by ‘normal’ I mean people who are not early adopters – people techie enough to have a PayPal account perhaps). In case you don’t know, the principle of Flattr is that you […]