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Hierarchies versus freedom

Jos has been getting very philosophical lately. One post that got me thinking about how odd KDE is (in a good way) was his one about working together. KDE is quite unlike anywhere else I have worked, for fun or profit. Probably the closest analog is my involvement at university with the student newspaper, the […]

How to do things

Yeah, so I’m at Akademy. It’s awesome. But there are plenty of other blog posts saying that and I don’t feel I have a lot to add really, nothing that hasn’t already been on the Dot anyway. So this is more about some of the things I’ve noticed about our community at Akademy: goals and […]


Thanks very much to everyone who commented on the KDE Scientists post. There’s far too much for a Dot article, but I’m trying to sift some general trends and a few quotes out of the mass of information and am writing the article at the moment. The level of interest has taken both Luca and […]

Comunicação, संचार, Связь, Comunicación, 通讯, Communication, Kommunikation

I do hope Google Translate has got those right – and I love German for its abundant use of the letter K (for the curious they are, hopefully: Portugese, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), English/French and German) So, what’s this all about? Well, KDE “is an international technology team” – it says so on the […]

Software Label Designs – voting is open

The Software Label design poll is now open and you can vote on the KDE forum. A few points: The final designs are chosen by four panel judges from the KDE Promotion team and you, via the forum poll The forum poll results will be normalised to a scale of 0-10 in common with the […]