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Akademy Report at TechRadar

This is quite old news (but new to me). It turns out that TechRadar has published a version (slightly shortened, I think) of the Akademy report I wrote for Linux Format. So, if you don’t get Linux Format and didn’t make it to Akademy (or have a bad memory) then you might find it interesting. […]

More Akademy Articles

Finally, after a lot of work from several people (shout out to the Dot’s Carl Symons for chasing up the missing pieces) we’ve managed to release the interview with the local team at Akademy. As everyone noted at the event, they did a fantastic job and it’s nice for anyone who didn’t get to have […]

How to do things

Yeah, so I’m at Akademy. It’s awesome. But there are plenty of other blog posts saying that and I don’t feel I have a lot to add really, nothing that hasn’t already been on the Dot anyway. So this is more about some of the things I’ve noticed about our community at Akademy: goals and […]

Did Someone Mention “Akademy”?

Well, I may have hinted at it already, but: I’ll be doing a few things while I’m there, so here is a bit of shameless self-promotion: KDE Software for Scientists (lightning talk) Beyond Our Comfort Zone: Spreading KDE Software to Non-Free Platforms KDE Software for Scientists (BoF with Luca Beltrame) There are many fascinating things […]


Thanks very much to everyone who commented on the KDE Scientists post. There’s far too much for a Dot article, but I’m trying to sift some general trends and a few quotes out of the mass of information and am writing the article at the moment. The level of interest has taken both Luca and […]