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Cool Stuff All Round

KDE can be hard work and it’s easy sometimes to overlook the many cool things that people are doing, often just because they see it needs doing and get right on with it. For example, I just discovered that there’s now a decent description of the KDE Platform on Wikipedia (courtesy, it seems, mostly of […]

Lets Make the Dot Better

I remember when I first started taking an interest in KDE and particularly when I started contributing articles to the Dot that it seemed a bit of a shadowy organisation. Who were they? How did they get articles? How did they decide when and whether to publish articles and why did my stuff disappear for […]

More Akademy Articles

Finally, after a lot of work from several people (shout out to the Dot’s Carl Symons for chasing up the missing pieces) we’ve managed to release the interview with the local team at Akademy. As everyone noted at the event, they did a fantastic job and it’s nice for anyone who didn’t get to have […]

Hierarchies versus freedom

Jos has been getting very philosophical lately. One post that got me thinking about how odd KDE is (in a good way) was his one about working together. KDE is quite unlike anywhere else I have worked, for fun or profit. Probably the closest analog is my involvement at university with the student newspaper, the […]

Calling KDE Scientists

Are you a (student, grad-student, post-doc, lecturer, professor, working in the big bad private sector) scientist? Do you use KDE software? Do you use KDE software for your science? If you can answer ‘yes’ to two or more of the above then I would love to hear from you. Update: Well, actually, I have plenty […]