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Calling Enterprise Users of KDE Software

Over at the Blue Mint, KDE contributor James Cain is asking for help in collating information on enterprises (including non-profits) using KDE software. He aims to gather material to relaunch our outdated enterprise site with current information showing how KDE software can help businesses and other organisations give their staff better software, save money and […]

Some News from the ALERT Project

The ALERT Project, as already explained, aims to improve bug tracking and resolution in free software communities. KDE is participating as a project partner by providing expertise on how free software communities work and by providing testing and feedback for the ALERT software. Newsletter highlights include accounts of free software conferences visited by the team […]

Promo Sprint Wrap-Up

The KDE Promotion Team Sprint ended yesterday, in a pub in Southampton. Over three days, we tackled such issues as improving the Join the Game website, had a discussion with some of the GNOME guys about promotion at and before the Desktop Summit, reviewed the KDE website itself and worked on cleaning up the Promotion […]

Knock Knock. Who’s There? KDE…

Exciting times for KDE contributors and software users around the world. Coming up in the next couple of months, we have not one, but two, regional KDE conferences that you can attend, meet other KDE enthusiasts, learn about our software and community and get more deeply involved. 2011 is the inaugral KDE conference […]

Help Free Software, Win a Tablet PC

As announced last year, KDE is taking part in the ALERT Project that aims to improve processes in free software communities. ALERT is asking for participation of developers in free software projects in their survey and is giving respondents the chance to win an Android powered tablet PC. The survey should only take you about […]