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Fourteen Reasons to be KDE

In case you’re sleeping under a rock today, KDE is celebrating its 14th birthday. I still see myself as a newbie round these parts, but I can already think of fourteen things I’ve experienced that made me and make me part of KDE. To be free to try To be free to fail To be […]


Flattr is intriguing – will it work? I mean will it continue to grow, will people renew their subscriptions and ‘normal’ people join (by ‘normal’ I mean people who are not early adopters – people techie enough to have a PayPal account perhaps). In case you don’t know, the principle of Flattr is that you […]

Did Someone Mention “Akademy”?

Well, I may have hinted at it already, but: I’ll be doing a few things while I’m there, so here is a bit of shameless self-promotion: KDE Software for Scientists (lightning talk) Beyond Our Comfort Zone: Spreading KDE Software to Non-Free Platforms KDE Software for Scientists (BoF with Luca Beltrame) There are many fascinating things […]