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Rediscovering Wine

At work, I sometimes have to edit MS Word documents (other members of the team use Word). Normally LibreOffice does the job pretty well, but I have come across occasional issues with tracked changes and big tables/graphs when the document is reopened in Word (mostly when using Microsoft’s OOXML formats). As a result, when working […]

LabPlot reaches version 2

Yesterday, the LabPlot team released first stable version of LabPlot2. They note that: There are still many things that can be improved and implemented. But we think it’s better to release now and to make LabPlot available to a larger number of users thus also increasing the amount of feedback and bug reports. So, if […]

First beta release of LabPlot 2 lands

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the progress the LabPlot team was making with Lablot 2. Since then, they’ve been busy fixing bugs and polishing off some of the features, resulting in a first beta release of what will become LabPlot 2.0. You can read the full announcement on the LabPlot mailing list. […]

LabPlot 2 and the state of free data analysis

Some years back, I wrote about a collaboration between KDE’s LabPlot and the Qt-based SciDAVis projects. Together, they were working on the next generation of free plotting software and were engaging in a backend overhaul before presenting results in a new user interface. A few weeks back, Alexander Semke, one of the lead developers of […]

Plasma Active Feature in Linux Journal

A while ago (in fact at the back end of 2011) I put together an article on Plasma Active for Linux Journal. That article is now published in their March issue. It misses some of the recent news such as the Spark tablet, as that wasn’t announced by then, but gives an overview of Plasma […]