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Facebook and KDE Relase Days

Allow me to present a plot of the number of fans of the K Desktop Environment page on Facebook: There are a few things I find interesting. One is the general upward trend (that’s good, right?). Another is the couple of big jumps in February and August. That’s thanks to you, I reckon. A lot […]

Releases, release notes and branding

Following on from my comments about our brands, I want to talk a little about how this affects our release announcement and release promo. One thing you’ll notice on the upcoming KDE Release Day is, well, the use of ‘KDE Release Day’. When we discussed our branding structure, both last November and at Akademy, we […]

On branding

With KDE’s 4.5 release day coming up, the KDE Promotion Team has been reviewing our brand structure that we first applied when Software Compilation 4.4 came out. There was lively discussion at Akademy, review of the things that have worked well and those that have not worked so well and discussion of how to make […]

Did Someone Mention “Akademy”?

Well, I may have hinted at it already, but: I’ll be doing a few things while I’m there, so here is a bit of shameless self-promotion: KDE Software for Scientists (lightning talk) Beyond Our Comfort Zone: Spreading KDE Software to Non-Free Platforms KDE Software for Scientists (BoF with Luca Beltrame) There are many fascinating things […]

Calling KDE Scientists

Are you a (student, grad-student, post-doc, lecturer, professor, working in the big bad private sector) scientist? Do you use KDE software? Do you use KDE software for your science? If you can answer ‘yes’ to two or more of the above then I would love to hear from you. Update: Well, actually, I have plenty […]