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Facebook: One Page to Rule Them All

As I mentioned before we used to have two Facebook pages. Now, thanks to Kenny Duffus (who has been poking this for a while) and Lydia who made the contact that led to the breakthrough, our two pages have come together. So, find your favourite free software community at the KDE Facebook page. There are […]

Lets Make the Dot Better

I remember when I first started taking an interest in KDE and particularly when I started contributing articles to the Dot that it seemed a bit of a shadowy organisation. Who were they? How did they get articles? How did they decide when and whether to publish articles and why did my stuff disappear for […]

More Akademy Articles

Finally, after a lot of work from several people (shout out to the Dot’s Carl Symons for chasing up the missing pieces) we’ve managed to release the interview with the local team at Akademy. As everyone noted at the event, they did a fantastic job and it’s nice for anyone who didn’t get to have […]

Facebook and KDE Relase Days

Allow me to present a plot of the number of fans of the K Desktop Environment page on Facebook: There are a few things I find interesting. One is the general upward trend (that’s good, right?). Another is the couple of big jumps in February and August. That’s thanks to you, I reckon. A lot […]

Do You Own KDE’s Facebook Page?

Well, this is slightly embarrassing… We don’t know who owns the KDE Fan Page on Facebook. By ‘we’ I mean the collected minds of KDE-promo and various other people we’ve spoken too, but perhaps you do? Why this matters We have a couple of main fan pages on Facebook: KDE and K Desktop Environment. The […]