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ALERT, Home and KDE e.V.

This is going to be one of those weeks where a lot of my time is spent on trains and planes… For the first half of this week, I was in Brussels for the first Annual Review of the ALERT project, in which the project partners – including KDE in the shape of yours truly […]

KDE WebWorld Photoblog

Well, I’m back home now from the WebWorld sprint (which took a while due to storms between Germany and England delaying flights). There will be a full report shortly in a Dot story, but in the meantime here are a few pictures:

KDE WebWorld Day Three

Well, here we are towards the end of day three and therefore towards the end of the WebWorld Sprint. We’ve achieved quite a lot. UserBase The UserBase team has been doing great stuff, fixing issues, working with Eugene on a new logo (that should make it more obvious that UserBase is a user-editable wiki). They’ve […]

WebWorld Video (Ok, GIF…) Blog

So it’s not all work at WebWorld. We find the odd moment to relax. Here, Eugene urges you to use KDE software. And here we see some action from the ongoing Fussball tournament. I’ll have to keep a bit of an eye on what these are doing to my traffic usage, so enjoy them while […]

KDE WebWorld Day Two

Well, we’re still in sunny Essen at the excellent LinuxHotel as part of the WebWorld Sprint. More on the websites Today we have been looking at content management systems to see if one can fit our needs for As part of this I have played with Joomla for the first time (having used only […]