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Collaboration’s Rise: New Host for KDE Promo Sprint

It’s always nice when you find people a whole lot more enthusiastic about working with you than you expect. You know, when you mention KDE and free software to someone and they not only know what you are talking about, but love it too. Something similar to that happened recently when I contacted the University […]

Rocking the World (Wide Web)

I’m super-excited to be going to the KDE Web World Sprint in June. This will be taking place at the LinuxHotel in Essen, Germany. The sprint will bring together people working on the KDE web infrastructure, the wikis, the forums and the promotion team. Among the topics we will be working on is reviewing the […]

Thank You, Thomas

Thomas blogged recently about how he Joined the Game. This means that Thomas has chosen, in addition to giving up his time for KDE, to also support KDE by making a financial contribution as an individual supporting member of KDE e.V. You might be wondering what happens to Thomas’s money. He might be too. So […]

Promo Sprint Sunday

I’ve completely lost track of how many days we’ve been here now – and Stockholm syndrome is kicking in with our slave-driving captor 😉 But I’m pretty sure yesterday was Sunday so that will do for a title for what I want to talk about. In the morning we split off for a few little […]

Promo sprint: 2 – Stu: 3

Ok, so I’m still not keeping up with the days too well, but technically I’ve had more blog posts than the sprint has had full days (I cheated by blogging on day zero). Anyway, this post is about day 2. I think. Yesterday – day two – we started off with another discussion about the […]