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What is freedom to you? Well, at the moment for me, it is no longer having my PhD thesis to work on, having finally handed that in last week. That means I’m now moving into job hunting (like some other people on the Planet – I may post more about that in a bit). It […]

Got a printer? Help test Konqueror

Gérard Talbot has been working for the past eight months, checking Konqueror’s conformance to CSS 2.1 (resulting in the impressive conformance tables on his website). However, he needs help to determine the results of 13 remaining tests that need a colour printer, something Gérard does not have access to. If you have a moment, please […]

This Google+ Thing

I seem to be spending most of my time joining social networks nowadays, first Diaspora, now Google+. I’m a little underwhelmed with both. As I explained in my blog post on Diaspora, I like some of its concepts. But I’ve used it very little since joining. Part of that is due to the network effect […]

KDE WebWorld Day Two

Well, we’re still in sunny Essen at the excellent LinuxHotel as part of the WebWorld Sprint. More on the websites Today we have been looking at content management systems to see if one can fit our needs for As part of this I have played with Joomla for the first time (having used only […]

KDE WebWorld Day One

Ok, we seem to have reached some consensus – today (Thursday) is day one. And what a day… Userbase Part of the team has been working hard on Userbase, fixing issues, changing editing guidance, exploring anonymous editing, improving translation tools and tweaking the look and feel. The Main KDE Website The rest of us worked […]