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It’s Almost KDE WebWorld Time

Next week, I’ll be heading off to the KDE Web World Sprint to represent the KDE Promotion Team. We had a combined sprint back in 2009 when the current version of the main KDE website was designed in consultation between the two teams and KDE’s artists. The result was a site that much improved on […]

My Life on Facebook

This is not KDE related, so maybe you want to skip it… Facebook has had a download feature for a while and I decided to have a play with it (not that I’ve put valuable stuff on Facebook without also having it elsewhere, but really just to get a snapshot of what I had uploaded). […]

Some Thoughts on Diaspora

Courtesy of a fellow KDE contributor, I managed to get my hands on an invite to, a Diaspora pod from the project’s founders. It allows you to try out the software without installing it to make your own pod (there are also plenty of other public pods – I haven’t checked any of those […]

Battling Misconceptions: What is KDE?

A while ago, Justin and I received an email from Dr Tony Young who recently wrote for LXer about his experiences moving from KDE 3.5 to a Plasma Desktop and our Platform 4 apps. If you want to understand some of the frustrations people have experienced in making the switch, then those articles are well […]

Rocking the World (Wide Web)

I’m super-excited to be going to the KDE Web World Sprint in June. This will be taking place at the LinuxHotel in Essen, Germany. The sprint will bring together people working on the KDE web infrastructure, the wikis, the forums and the promotion team. Among the topics we will be working on is reviewing the […]