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Facebook: One Page to Rule Them All

As I mentioned before we used to have two Facebook pages. Now, thanks to Kenny Duffus (who has been poking this for a while) and Lydia who made the contact that led to the breakthrough, our two pages have come together. So, find your favourite free software community at the KDE Facebook page. There are […]

I’ve Started, So I’ll Finish

This is a multi-part blog post on many rambling topics… LabPlot website Last year, shortly after they had helped me with the interview, I contacted the LabPlot developers to see if they might be interested in a bit of help updating their website. It seemed like a nice, self contained and quick project that I […]

Akademy Report at TechRadar

This is quite old news (but new to me). It turns out that TechRadar has published a version (slightly shortened, I think) of the Akademy report I wrote for Linux Format. So, if you don’t get Linux Format and didn’t make it to Akademy (or have a bad memory) then you might find it interesting. […]

KDE Science: New Forum, Mailing List and News

Following up on a talk, subsequent discussion, a Dot article and a couple of blog posts, the nascent/resurrected KDE Science group is happy to announce the availability of a new area in the KDE forums dedicated to discussion of KDE software in science and similar fields. Actually, that was set up a while ago (thanks […]

WebKDE Roundup (Who Is KDE Part 4)

Continuing Jos’s exploration of cool KDE blogs, here are a few more places you can find some nice reviews of KDE software. Over in Iran the blog of Saeid Zebardast, you will find a variety of free software related articles and occasional tips relating to KDE software. In India, Swaroop CH is a long time […]